A note...

From me to you:

My father was a professional baseball player and after his retirement went to work as a Realtor and mortgage broker. He’d come home from work at the end of a long day, and I’d be waiting in the driveway. I was maybe, 10 or 12. He’d hand me the newspaper — folded in half — and I’d scour it, reading the Sports section, the front page, Business, Lifestyles, Comics, all of it. Later, we’d sit and talk about the news of the day, the standings, and pore over the box scores.

I’m a native Oregonian. I’ve been at The Oregonian for 18 years as the lead sports columnist. Before that, four other newspapers. I’ve covered five Olympics, nine Super Bowls, and too many games to count. But most of all, I just love telling good stories, writing columns and having an extended conversation with you. 

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A dirty little secret, even now when I’m writing a column I still imagine my dad among the readers. I write to him — and now, you too. There’s a bond forged between reader and columnist. We’re in an interesting extended conversation and I’m honored that you choose The Oregonian on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading. 

- JC